Driver Training - SISODRV302A - Drive and recover a 4WD vehicle

Basic Introduction

Motley Crew encourages safe, family friendly and sustainable 4WDing. We also promote the Four Wheel Drive code of ethics to respect environmental, historical and cultural values when exploring and driving through our diverse vast country.

This introductory course is a Basic driver training course, run over a two-day period, usually on a weekend. This course demonstrates and gives you the skills and knowledge required to use your vehicle in the appropriate range (high/low), gear and techniques to drive a four wheel drive vehicle through and over a variety of terrain types. This course also includes the application of Basic vehicle recovery techniques and maintenance.

There are six topics covered over the two days including:

1. Plan for four wheel driving. Plans equipment and supply requirements according to the conditions and duration of the activity (camping).

2. Perform pre-departure checks. Conducts routine pre-departure checks of vehicles and takes action to correct any deficiencies.(Safe to drive)

3. Drive in a variety of terrain types. Safe 4WD driving technique over a variety of terrains including: moderate inclines or declines sloping terrain, very soft ground, rocky areas, sand, axle deep water crossings, mud or black soil, snow or ice (not in QLD).

4. Recover a vehicle. Applies appropriate technique to recover a four wheel drive vehicle using a single recovery or snatch strap.

5. Perform maintenance and minor repairs. Performs maintenance and minor repairs on four wheel drive vehicle, and reports details on vehicle performance and action taken to appropriate personnel.

6. Evaluate four wheel driving activity. Reviews four wheel driving performance to identify strengths and areas requiring improvement.

A range of assessment methods are used to assess practical skills and knowledge. The following are used for this unit:

1. Observation of safe four wheel driving technique over a variety of terrain.

2. Oral and written questioning to assess knowledge of terrain types and associated risks and procedures for maintenance and repairs.

3. Observation of safe recovery of four wheel drive using a single recovery or snatch strap.

This accredited course is designed to give you the basic knowledge and skills to safely and confidently drive your four wheel drive. (Not a Dakar rally driver).